Quill Australia Project Management Services

We can help you to develop a project strategy and implement it, including planning the processes and itemising the tools and other resources required for a successful result.

Our approach is organised and responsible. All resources, critical dates and deliverables are planned for and monitored throughout the project. In this way we ensure that we can meet milestones and deadlines, and we can identify and manage any troublespots quickly.

For large projects we prepare a project plan or specification that details the products to be developed and/or implemented. It identifies all deliverables in terms of content, process, cost and milestones or deadlines. This gives you a formal document  to review and work with before development and/or implementation starts.

We keep our clients fully informed at all stages using a mix of regular written reports, phone calls, e-mail and meetings, as required.

We have experience in developing business rules and processes for organisations undergoing major change, whether the change is to introduce a new Finance System or to introduce competition in a new market. We can analyse existing policies, processes and procedures, helping to direct the change carefully and efficiently.

Major projects that we have managed include:

  • Managing the implementation of a State Government Fines Enforcement project that involved developing new legislation, designing and developing new software that had over twenty interfaces to other systems, migrating records from legacy systems and introducing new business processes to match the new legislation.
  • Managing (as a sub-contractor to IBM GSA) the training program for the roll-out of over 5,000 PCs into Commonwealth Government offices throughout Australia.
    This involved providing three days of training to each staff member in basic PC skills, in Policies and Procedures for managing PCs, and in using Microsoft Outlook and Office. The project was implemented over a period of six months. Sites visited ranged from Thursday Island to Geeveston.
  • Managing and implementing the training program for IBM GSA and Telstra staff involved in the IBM GSA Telstra Alliance who use Solve:Change for change management and Solve:Problem for problem management.
    This has involved defining the scope of training, identifying the people who need to be trained, developing materials, and delivering the training in most Australian capital cities.
  • Managing the roll-out and delivering the training for 2000 IBM GSA project managers in their project management methodology.