Quill Australia

Quill Australia is an IT company that has been in operation for 33 years providing a variety of services to large private organisations and Government Departments particularly in the areas of Project Management and Strategic Advice.

For the past 12 years much of our energy has gone into building up a natural wine importing business called Living Wines. This business, operating under the Quill Australia banner, involves searching throughout France for natural wine producers, importing their wine into Australia and then distributing these wines to restaurants, bars, bottle shops and private individuals throughout Australia.

Some of the clients that we have provided IT services to include:

  • IBM assisting with the creation of their Project Management Methodology and providing training in that methodology for some 1500 project managers throughout Australia.
  • The National Electricity Market providing training and support for users throughout Australia and providing documentation services for their Retail Contestibility project.
  • Entergy Corporation in Louisiana providing services to assist them in setting up the southern Power Pool including developing complex papers such as one on Ancilliary Services for the power pool.
  • Providing configuration and training services for establishing Human Resources and Payroll systems for numerous Government and private organisations throughout Australia.
  • Working with Microsoft Australia for a period of ten years to provide technical copy for their Communique magazine.
  • Providing a range of services to the Department of Justice in Tasmania to establish the Monetary Penalties Enforcement Service and the complex software to support their operations.

These are just some examples of projects we have been involved with during our career.

Quill Australia can be contacted using the following emails:



or the following telephone number:

+61 3 6224 1236