About Quill Australia

Quill Australia is an Australian-based project management, business process analysis, documentation and training company, founded in 1987. We work for clients all over Australiain and in the US.

The company delivers practical solutions that help our clients to improve their services and cut costs. We help organisations to identify what needs to be communicated, and then work with them to get the required information across to people quickly, so that they can work effectively.

We offer a range of services, from offering advice in how to implement new software systems to high-level project management for new IT or other system roll-outs. 

We’re proud that most of our work comes from existing customers. We like to build good relationships by delivering solutions of a high standard. The experience and skill of our staff enable us to offer expertise in systems integration, process analysis, project management and project implementation.

Major clients have included Areva in Seattle, IBM GSA, Microsoft, NEMMCO, Entergy (New Orleans), Pacific Power (NSW), FreightCorp (NSW), State Rail Authority (NSW), the Tasmanian Government, Tassal and Wise Technology Management.

Contact us

Telephone: + 61 3 6224 1236

Mobile: 0417 282 468

E-mail: mail@quillaust.com

Post: GPO Box 2160, HOBART Tas 7001, Australia

Address: 30 Salamanca Square, Hobart, Tas 7000, Australia

ACN: 009 567 560  ABN: 13 009 567 560